About us

About us:

Eleven brand is the force that inspires equality. No matter what a person’s appearance or background is they are still human, and that makes us all the same.  This is exactly what Eleven brand stands for, the bridge that unites the differences humanity has bestowed upon us. Humanity is 1. The world is 1. Together we are Eleven brand.


About the designer:

Taking credit just causes distraction from the power of a message, and the goal of a brand. Eleven brand is a compilation of good deeds and great people. The design is unique because its main purpose will never be only to be fashionable. Wear Eleven Brand feeling confident that you are not only looking great but also, doing amazing things. In addition to its original designs, Eleven brand will be featuring special artist creations from around the world. Strength is in numbers and this time around, so is creativity.

We hope every customer to be fully satisfied with our products, let us know about your experience!

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Eleven LLC Team


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Many people ask who are the wizards behind this movement? There you go...

Pedro Trinidad Founder & Owner